The Last couple of Weeks

Monday 31 August 2015

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It's been a while since I posted an update on what's been happening in the recent months. So here's 9 photos to give you some clues… As you can see lots of food AGAIN. But also more importantly(can't see on the photos) my sister came to see me from London for the weekend. We went to the beautiful Kong Restaurant- where Sex and the city was filmed! And we did a lot of walking around… I think I burnt off all the calories I put on over the weekend in just one day of walking around Paris. Also, my other sister gave birth to a beautiful girl over in Dubai… I can't wait to meet her when I go to Dubai for Christmas.

I also had 2 weeks off in Paris, so I took advantage of my free time and went to the beach for a day trip… That was pretty cool. Although I'm craving more that one day on the beach!

Hope you like the pictures! x


  1. beautiful pics!

  2. Lovely pictures!! ♥



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