Maison La Minervetta, Italy

Monday 4 April 2016

It's been just over a month that I was Italy, enjoying the warmer weather and beautiful views.
That moment in Italy was one of the best times i've had in along time.... Just me and my boyfriend relaxing in the most beautiful hotel we have ever stayed in.

I got to stay in the beautiful Maison La Minervetta…This hotel was a dream!

And guess what……..Here's how you can travel for less!

I paid next to nothing for this experience(and I mean almost nothing! 10 Euros to be precise!)  and i'm going to tell you how to do the same!

There is a website called Sheradill and on this website you can find hundreds of different hotels in dream destinations(Bali, Italy and Marrakech to name a few). You have two options.. You can book the hotel at full price, or you can share them on your social media and lower the price each time you do! The price also goes down if you watch some videos and like their facebook pages! So basically you could get a 1500 euros hotel for around 100 euros if you wanted!

Here's the other cool part… You are not alone in sharing the hotels on your social media.. Other people are doing the same! So when other people share the price also decreases! It's like a huge bucket full of cash and every time someone shares the price keeps decreasing. You can also repeat all of your sharing after 24 hours which will decrease the price again. The thing you have to know about this website… You need to keep your eye on the hotel… with everyone sharing the hotel the price can decrease quite quickly so you have to keep on watching and buy when you are happy with the price!

I honestly think that this kind of website is perfect for people who like to travel(who doesn't!), it's fun and really gives everyone the chance to experience a little luxury.

So, I highly suggest you go over to the website and get yourself signed up(takes 2 minutes) and start sharing….. et…. start enjoying your holidays! You can use the following link to get signed up..
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  1. Really enjoy the post! Def gonna try the website!
    Nicky x

  2. Ah, lovely Italy! Have not got the chance to visit yet, but hopefully soon! That sleep mask of yours is so cute! x


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