New in this Week

Saturday 27 June 2015

A little post to update you on the "new in" this week.
1. Cutest ice cream dress from Tallulah Threads, I mean.. I'm almost 30 but I can still wear this right? haha.. Also hiding my makeup free face is this cute plant pot from My Facepot… love it, you can even put your face on the pot too!
2. Lots of new things in this photo! 
* Beautiful feather earrings from one of my favourite jewellery designers Wrenn Jewelry
* White pearl faced watch from my favourite watch makers Fjord Timepieces( 40% discount with code PUREWHITE
* Heart shaped jewellery holder from Wonderelle
Oh these babies….. First ever pair of red boots… I'm just dreaming of winter arriving so I can wear them. I got them as a present, they are Repetto boots.. Also my first pair of Repettos! You can find the black version here.
Another pair of shoes… Probably one of the cutest pair I own.. You can find them from Loly in the Sky.
Finally this cute mug from Mr Wonderful… Always nice to wake up to motivational words!


  1. I love the shoes with ladybirds !!! they're so cute !!!

  2. Love the shoes as well, they're so cute!

  3. That mug is pure cuteness, love it !



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