I heart Dr Martins

Friday 21 March 2014

So I have been thinking for a while now to get some Dr Martins boots, they are cool and seem to match with pretty much anything. When I was younger Dr martins were always assoiciated with the uncool kids at school, if you wore a pair of Dr martins then you were instantly labelled a freak.. Such mean high school names! However, now they are considered to be the "IT" pair of boots! I'm also loving this happy necklace, I mean how can you not be happy when you are wearing such a beauty? 
And those sweaters... Mango are hitting all the right buttons with their sweaters(sweater obsession).. Just look at that sweater with the lips. WANT WANT WANT! I don't usually wear that many Mango items but I think this Spring/Summer I will be wearing a lot from them!

Just click on the link below and go Shopping!!


  1. I've been dreaming of buying Dr Martins for ages! I need to fulfill that dream this year!
    And I love grey sweatshirt so much!


  2. Nice Post !
    Kisses my sweetie <3



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