Pinked up Back to school

Monday 30 September 2013

Dress- Manoush
Shirt- H&M
Bag- Manoush
Iphone Cover- Ebay
Nail Varnish- O.P.I (Alcatraz Rocks)

Hope everybody is having a good start to the week, I am busy, busy this week. So apologies if I don't  update so much, but if you want to keep spying on me then you can follow me on instagram @meetmeinparee.

So, back to my outfit, the dress I am wearing is something I have had in my closet for a year now and I have only worn it a few times. The reason was because I had no idea how to wear it, it always looked strange when I paired it with something, but...... FINALLY, I think I have found the good match, a simple white shirt- Huh, the most obvious choice.

How's your week going so far? I love hearing from you so drop me a comment.



  1. Interesting adorable look :) Glad you found a match, because it would be a shame not to wear something so original :)

  2. As always I love your style and your outfit ! :) the bag is so beautiful ;)


    See you :)

  3. So pretty Manoush dress, just perfect on you, and so lovely color next to the flowers, love it! xx

  4. Adorable...alway. Bchang


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